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Soldier Grubs
Soldier Grubs
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Soldier Grubs
The ultimate worm for feeding reptiles. The Soldier Grub is packed with Calcium protein and the perfect mix of nutrients for reptiles food, birds and fowl. Soldier Grubs are also a great composting worm. Detailed instruction for composting, feeding and breeding come with every order.
Soldier Grubs go through five different instars as they develop. We have cupped Soldier Grubs sized in sizes small medium and large.
Smaller amounts can be kept in the medium they are shipped in for up to two weeks.  Soldier Grubs are raised on whole grains and are not raised on manure.  Soldier Grubs are fantastic for feed reptiles.  Soldier Grubs are the larvae of the Black Soldier Fly.  Black Soldier Fly Larvae are sold under other names such as Calci Worms and Phoenix.
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Soldier Grubs by the cup:
1 cup Small medium or large $10.95.  All cups have 100 Soldier Grubs per cup except small which has 150 grubs per cup.

4 cups $24.95 Delivered!

8 Cups $39.95 Delivered!