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Soldier Grubs

Soldier grubs are the larvae of Soldier Fly. 


Some interesting Facts:

  1. Soldier Flies do not bite.  This should put you at ease about buying, growing or breeding these worms. 

  2. Soldier Flies are naturally in every state in the contiguous US in the wild.  That' right.  They may be flying around your back yard right now.

  3. Soldier Fly larvae is packed with calcium naturally.  They have hundreds of times the calcium of crickets and other worms.  You do not need to dust Soldier Grubs with a suppliment.  Cupped worms are ready to feed.

  4. Soldier Grubs do not carry disease.  That is very true.  Normal flies are known to carry a host of dangerous diseases that can harm humans and animals.  Soldier Grubs and Soldier Flies do not carry those same diseases.

  5. You can compost with them too.  Yep! As amazing as it seems  Soldier Grubs may be better than Red Worms when it comes to composting food scraps.  They will do it faster and leave less waste behind.  When the larvae mature and become Soldier Flies they will fly off.  Not to worry though.  Just place more food scraps where you raised the last batch and the flies will come back, lay eggs and give you thousands of fresh larvae to turn those scraps into nutrient rich castings. 

Set up a small screen house over your composting or breeding bin and the flies will stick around and lay more eggs for you year round.  Of course, you will need some sort of warm spot for them in the Winter but if they get cold they will slow down and go dormant until Spring. 

We are amazed at this wonderful insect.  Soldier Grubs are great for feeding reptiles, composting and for feeding birds. 


Check out our soldier Grub Breeding Kit for breeding your own Soldier Grubs with stuff you have sitting around your house right now.
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