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Mealworm Breeding Kit
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Grow Your Own Meal worms And Save $$$!

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Our easy to use kit, which comes with detailed instructions will allow you to grow all of your own mealworms to satisfy your mealworm needs. 
                                                                Great for:

  • Back Yard Blue Bird Feeding
  • Growing Healthy Chicks quickly!
  • Feeding Grown Chickens
  • As Reptile Food
  • For Feeding Sugar Gliders
  • Fishing
  • Aquarium Fish
  • Starting Your Own Mealworm Business.

Kit Contents:
  • Two Vented Mealworm Breeder bins
  • Bedding/Food
  • Worm Man's Worm Farm Water Crystals
  • Mealworm Sifter
  • 250 Mealworms That Will Be Turning to Beetles Within Days
  • Complete Instructions.
  • Free Shipping!

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