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Cricket Breeding Kit
Cricket Breeding Kit
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Cricket Breeding Kit

Breed your own crickets and save money! 
We'll provide everything that you need to breed your own crickets on a small basis. There are instructions included for growing larger amounts of crickets. Great little kit that will save you gas and live cricket delivery charges.

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A complete setup to breed crickets. Its primary goal is to provide a convenient and economical source of pinhead and small crickets for feeding to small reptiles and amphibians. It is so easy that even a novice may successfully breed crickets. Complete instructions provided. No incubator or extra equipment required. Less than a dozen adult crickets will produce hundreds of pinheads within two to three weeks.

 If you need live crickets then this is for you. Stop going to the pet store for crickets.

All you will need is 10 to 12 crickets for breeders and you will be making pinhead and small crickets in about a week after your breeding kit arrives. Crickets start breeding at 5 Weeks (3/4" Stage).

Contains: Breeding Container, Breeding Medium, Cricket Food, Egg Crates, Cups and Complete Instructions!

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