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 All of our feeder insects are perfect as food for lizards, reptiles and as bait. All of our live crickets are pristine.  Our crickets are guaranteed to be clean and disease free live food. We have the lowest prices, and best quality in the industry. In the cold months we use a heat pack, and double boxing at not additional charge to you.  As always, we guarantee live cricket delivery.  Please click on the link above pertaining to cold and warm weather shipping precautions.  Thank you for shopping and learning with us. We have the best live crickets for your reptiles food.  Come back often, for we are always adding new information. We will soon be adding cricket rearing information.

Click on this cricket sounds link for crickets chirping

Our policy is guaranteed live delivery!  Please call, or e-mail us within 24 hours of delivery if there is a problem with your order.  We cannot give replacements or refunds after the 24 hour period.

Buying Crickets

 Choose crickets that are the right size.  If you plan to keep your crickets for a while before using them please buy younger than you need. Crickets live for about 8 weeks.  An adult cricket will survive for about two weeks.  Pin heads may survive for over a month, but the heat and care have to be right.  Keep them dry and warm. Make sure they always have slices of potato for moisture. Place a dish of moist peat moss in with your adult crickets, and the females will lay eggs in it.

Larger Quantities available at great prices.