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Shipping Policy and Guarantee

We guarantee LIVE delivery on all orders
when the requirements listed on this page are met.
Please read this information carefully!

All orders will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail
(postal service); therefore, please provide a valid
"SHIP TO" address. 
The VAST majority of all our shipments arrive alive and in good condition. In 2007 our total DOA rate on all crickets shipped was only 1.15%! Understanding and adhering to the shipping guidelines and procedures outlined here leads to successful deliveries - GUARANTEED!
If your order is Dead on Arrival, it is completely guaranteed and will be reshipped or a refund issued.
If you receive a shipment that is dead or damaged, you must email us immediately with the word "REPLACEMENT" in the subject line. We must be notified within 24 hours of package delivery in order to consider replacement. Problems communicated to us more than 24 hours after delivery are NOT eligible for replacement. In the case of a lost or missing shipment please notify us within 24 hours after the anticipated delivery date so that we can issue a tracking alert on your package. If it does not arrive in good condition you will be eligible for a replacement.

Someone must be present to receive and inspect the package when it is delivered. If you are not going to be home consider having your package shipped to your workplace, a neighbor who might be home, etc. If the carrier reports delivery as "left at door", etc., the package will NOT be guaranteed and you will NOT be eligible for a replacement.

EXCEPTION - we know that occasionally delivery personnel might leave a package without knocking. If you are expecting a delivery, please check your doorstep frequently to see if an unannounced delivery has been made. If you have a DOA shipment, and you e-mail us within one hour of the delivery, we will make an exception to our policy and offer a replacement even if the delivery info states that the package was left at the front door without personal receipt. Your e-mail MUST be received by us within one hour of the recorded delivery time for this exception to apply.
Even if a packaged is damaged or the insects inside appear to be dead, always accept the shipment - do not refuse a package under any circumstances. REFUSING A PACKAGE WILL VOID YOUR GUARANTEE AND YOU WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR A REPLACEMENT.

After accepting your shipment, if the product is dead or damaged e-mail us immediately with the word "REPLACEMENT" in the subject line. We must be notified within 24 hours of package delivery in order to consider a replacement. Problems communicated to us more than 24 hours after delivery are NOT eligible for replacement.
Standard Shipping Policy

Monday through Wednesday Shipping is our normal policy in order to insure delivery before the weekend. All compost worm orders i.e. Red Worms and all species of Nightcrawlers only ship on Monday. All order processing takes 1-2 business days. 


Any orders received after 9 AM (EST) on Wednesday will go out the following Monday. The cut off for Monday shipping for all Red Worm and Nightcrawler orders is Saturday. Non-perishable goods, such as worm bedding or feed can ship on any weekday.


We ship our orders via USPS Priority Mail (Postal Service).
*FedEx is available for express or Next Day shipping for an additional cost; the fee is determined by the weight and destination of your order/package. We pass on the shipping cost that FedEx charges us; we do not make a profit on shipping.

Special Delivery Instructions are often an accident waiting to happen. The carriers rarely read special instructions such as, leave inside porch on brown box.  Therefore, we do NOT accommodate requests to put such instructions on packages and we ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR PACKAGES THAT ARE NOT RECEIVED BY A LIVE PERSON AT TIME OF DELIVERY.

Our special winter packaging is sufficient for short durations in moderately cold weather, but even with a guaranteed delivery service, we have no control over how long the shipment will be exposed to extreme cold on a delivery truck that may have no climate control. When the temperatures in your delivery area are predicted to have a HIGH of less than 32 degrees or a LOW of less than 20 degrees we CANNOT guarantee live delivery. Orders shipped under these conditions are at YOUR OWN RISK and are NOT eligible to receive refund or replacement.

When temperatures in our area or your delivery area are above 95 degrees F we simply cannot guarantee the shipment and no replacements or refunds will be made for DOA's , regardless of shipping method chosen. If you want your shipment guaranteed for live delivery you should wait until conditions improve before having us ship your order.

We hope this information will help you understand the challenges inherent in shipping and delivery of live items.