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Tumbleweed Composter
Tumbleweed Composter




The vertical tumbling action of the patented Tumbleweed Compost Bin, designed with a stainless steel rod running through the middle, creates an aerobic action that offers a quick and odorless form of composting.

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This has quickly become our favorite compost tumbler! It will take you about 10 or 15 minutes to fully assemble it, using only your hands and a pocket screwdriver.

To get started composting, just throw some material into the Tumbleweed compost bin and give it a spin. When the composter gets full and heavy, you can push down on one side and pull up on the other and still make it tumble without much effort at all.

We were impressed with the way the stainless steel rod helped quickly break down the material in the composter with just a few turns, improving the already good compost tumbling action.

Many people prefer tumbling composters because the design makes it easy to keep the compost turned and aerated. A well-aerated bin helps break down materials into ready compost faster.

A daily spin will produce earthy dark brown compost in as few as 21 days. Your specific composting time depends on your mix of materials, moisture of the compost, weather, etc.

The tumbling composter comes with complete instructions on how to make compost.

The composter has two animal-resistant twist lock vented lids at either end that allow for easy filling and emptying of the bin while producing maximum aeration.

Constructed of a heavy duty UV-protected polyurethane plastic, the assembled bin stands 46? high, 26? wide, 34? deep, 58 gallon capacity (holds 7 to 8 cubic feet) and weighs just 22 lbs.

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