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Apparently, using tubifex worms in a septic system is the new, hot thing on this side of the pond! The idea of using tubifex in septic tanks originated in England and quickly spread to Europe. It is a rather new concept here. The main concept is that these worms will eat their way through the sludge and improve leach field drainage as well as clean out failed septic tank systems. Since we get so many questions regarding using tubifex in septic tanks, we would like to share our thoughts with everyone.

We believe that it is a good concept. We raise our tubifex worms in organic matter to ensure they are disease free. Our sediment mimics the very same septic sludge that you would be applying them to, except our organic leaf and mud sludge smells a lot better and won't get you sick! After due deliberation and some extensive research and experimenting, I came to the following conclusions. 

1) Tubifex worms will do well in the drainage system of the septic tank. The leech field pipes, most easily accessible at a clean-out point, are the best place to start them. You cannot just dump them down the sink and expect them to survive. They will work their way from the clean-out into the pipes and eventually into the tank itself once they are well-adjusted and breeding rapidly.

2) Tubifex will NOT work in closed septic systems. Your closed anaerobic system needs to have failed or have been modified. In a closed system, the gasses and toxic chemicals will kill the worms instantly. This is why we suggest placing them in the leech field pipes. 

3) Use caution if your septic tank doubles as a grey water tank. The soap and other contaminants such as oil and grease will not do your worms very well. They will eat the soap and die. If you are not sure, take a look into the tank and check out the color of the water. If it is a greyish color, it contains grey water. 

4) Patience is a virtue. We sell our tubifex worms in 100 counts. You will not see results instantly with 100 tubifex worms. You can either breed them with our instructions listed below or just order up based on the size of your tank. 

If you have any other questions regarding this relatively new concept, please email us at We are more than happy to help you!
Tubifex Worms
Tubifex Worms
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Tubifex Worms

Red worm like aquatic worms that make great food for fish.  Tubifex are the same color as red worms, but they are much smaller, growing to about two inches in length but are pencil thin. 

Easy to rear in a bucket or tank with two to three inches of water.  Place old leaves and a small piece of cardboard on the bottom of the container.  The worms will eat that.  Give them a small sliver of tuna fish to start.  When the worms finish that in a couple days add some more.  Be sure to add water weekly in small amounts and change the water monthly.  Keep the debris on the bottom and transfer to the new water.  Use fresh water.  The worms will double in quantity quickly.  You will have thousands in no time!

You will receive what looks like a clumped up mass of worms. They are small. Very small. A lot of our customers mistake them for being DOA because they are so small and bunched up together. Once they acclimate to their new environment, they should separate however please note that they live together in colonies and will return to the bunched formation from time to time. 

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