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Silkworm Chow
Silkworm Chow
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We have forged a relationship with Brian from Mulberry Farms to bring you their supurb Silk Worm Chow.  This chow is fantastic for raising Silk Worms.  You don't have to feed Silk Worm Mulberry leaves any longer with this Silk Worm Chow.  We are selling the powdered food in 1/2 pound packages.  The food is easy to make and feed.  For healthy Silk Worms try this chow today!

Silkworm chow (with real mulberry) is sold in power form. Each pound makes 4 pounds of food which is enough food to raise 1000 eggs to worms up to 1?" to 2" inches long. Crickets and Superworms also enjoy eating the chow. Takes five minutes in microwave oven. Chow comes in ? lb. bags. Two pounds would be four ? lb. bags.

$15.95 for 1/2 pound of Chow Shipped for free from NJ. 

If you need Silk Worms or Eggs please visit our friends at Mulberry Farms at