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Powdered Limestone For Composting with Worms
Powdered Limestone For Composting with Worms

Spring Compost Sale!

Powdered Limestone (Calcium Carbonate) is great for worm compost bins! April 22nd is Earth Day and to celebrate, our red compost worms and accessories are all on sale! Happy Composting!  

Using the wrong type of limestone to correct pH imbalances can kill your red worms.  We recommend Powdered Limestone to correct the pH in your worm composting bin.  Other forms of limestone will burn your worms.  You should wet down your worm beds/bins and then sprinkle the limestone over the bed.  Once the limestone absorbs the water, you should turn the limestone into the bedding.  You should test your pH again and add lime as needed until your pH is right.  Just use a pinch at a time for a light sprinkling over the surface of your worm bed.  One (1) pound will last a long time if you have a compost bin or two.  Our powdered limestone is the consistency of baby powder.

If you cannot find powdered limestone you can get it here.  We sell our limestone in 1 pound bags.  Shipping via USPS Priority mail is included in the price!

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