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Mulberry Trees
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  Need some Silkworm food?  How about free food?  Grow a Mulberry tree and feed the leaves to your Silkworms.  Silkworms eat Mulberry leaves or artificial food.  Silkworms raised on fresh leaves do much better that those raised on artificial food.  You will not have the issues with mold and poor health when feeding fresh Mulberry leaves.  Our trees are bareroot healthy trees shipped in a little soil with the root wrapped in plastic to keep them moist.  The trees can be planted now through May.  We are shipping now as of 3/16/2005.  Order today.  Shipped via USPS Priority Mail free!  Trees can grow to 45 feet tall, but you can keep pruned for a smaller tree.

Attracts insect eating songbirds to your yard, and provides shade as well. Mature trees produced bumper crops of white (sometimes pink or purple) berries, which can be eaten from the tree or left for the birds, who love them. Foliage is a lovely glossy green. Grows 45' tall. Plant 10' apart for berry-producing bird sanctuary hedge. Sturdy 2' to 3' trees. Trees are shipped dormant. 

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Sold out for the season.  We will have more in the Fall. 

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