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These little guys are great for many different types of fry that may be too small for Grindal worms.  Microworms are a great worm for feeding fry that are too big for vinegar Eels, but too small for Grindal worms, or white worms.  They are easy to culture.  Mix a batch of oatmeal and let cool.  Add a pinch of yeast and mix in.  Add your starter culture and watch out!  There will be a population explosion.  Room temperature is fine for these worms.  We suggest splitting your starter culture in two and making two cultures so that if one culture fails you have another.  We culture our Microworms weekly.  Place a cloth over the container to keep flies out.

  Harvesting Microworms is very easy.  The worms climb up the sides of the containers.  Scrape the walls of the container with a spoon or knife.  Dip the spoon of knife in a cup of water.  You will see the worms swimming.  Use an eye dropper and feed to the fry as many as you need.

All prices include shipping.  Hundreds to thousands of worms in each beginner culture.