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Lady Bugs
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By Worm Man

Are you overrun with Aphids, or other pest insects.  Do not spray your garden and pollute yourself, your yard, and your family.  Do it natures way and use Lady bugs.? Each Lady bug will consume 30 to 60 Aphids per day, and will also eat a whole host of other pests like; Thrips, and a great deal more.  The Lady bugs will lay eggs on your plants, and when the babies hatch look out Aphids.  


RELEASE INSTRUCTIONS:  When you are home, put the bag in a cool place (refrigerator) until late in the day or early morning. Do not release the ladybugs during the heat of the day or while the sun is shining. Sprinkle or irrigate the area before releasing, so the ladybugs will have a drink of water after their journey.

Being wild creatures, ladybugs will leave if they don't like their new home. You may have to experiment to provide the right environment for them. As I mention above, it is important to release the ladybugs in the evening or later because they will not fly at night and need a settling down period after being handled. When releasing the ladybugs, gently scatter or spread them out so each ladybug can find food immediately. To help ensure the success of your program, there are many ways you can improve the habitat for beneficial insects. One of these is to keep moisture levels high, as many beneficial insects require high humidity or ready-access to free water droplets. High humidity is more easily maintained by having plants close together. The garden or field should have various flowering plants to provide nectar and pollen for adult beneficial insects. In general, a mixture of closely-growing plants and flowers will greatly benefit both native and beneficial insects. This should result in higher productivity for your organic garden or farm

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