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Confused Flour Beetles
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Confused flour beetles are a great live fish food. They are also great for feeding small frogs. Each culture comes with at least 25 beetles and is a started culture, which means that each culture has worms and beetles that have been breeding. You will get hundreds of small worms and beetles out of every culture.?

Confused flour beetles are called by this name because they were misnamed when they were discovered. They are easy to raise and are great for feeding. They are great for feeding small reptiles frogs and fish. They are very small and look like miniature mealworm beetles.? The larvae of the confused flour beetle also look like mini mealworms.? We place about 1/4" to 1/2" of whole wheat flour in sweater or shoe boxes and add in a starter culture.? Keep the lid on the box. You do not have to drill holes for air because they will have plenty. They do not require potatoes or any other water source.?You will have millions in no time.

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