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Canadian Nightcrawlers
Serial Number: G1
Manufacturer Name: JG

Canadian Nightcrawlers

     Great for bait.  Nothing beats Canadian Night Crawlers as a live  bait.  They are fat and juicy and ready for you to use as bait or as food for reptiles.  Turtles love Canadian Nightcralwers.  Keep refrigerated for prolonged life. 
Canadian Nightcrawlers are a true nightcrawler which means that they should not be used as composting worms.  They are a cool weather worm that lives in burrows.  They are a big fat worm that can be refrigerated and is a great bait worm.

If you are looking for a big fat bait worm that you can refrigerate then try our healthy, happy Canadian Nightcrawlers.

There are about 100 Canadian Crawlers per pound.  Se sell 2.5 pounds and 5 pounds quantities only. 

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2.5 Pounds (Approximately 250 worms)      $74.25   Free Shipping!

5 Pounds (Approximately 500 worms)          $121.95 Free Shipping!