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Bloodworms (Glyceria di Branchiata)

 Pale, translucent body with small parapodia small, tapered head with four tiny antennae large, eversible, bulbous proboscis with four small black fangs. Seaworms shipped in salt water. Box (insulated), ice packs & instructions included. We ship only jumbo bloodworms 6-8" long. We ship Mondays, Tuesdays and Wendnesdays. 2 day ground UPS. These are great saltwater bait. Nothing beats live bait! Keep Refrigerated for 2 to 3 week shelf life after delivery.

Price below are for States from Maine to Virginia. 

BW2DS- Bloodworms (Glycera di Branchiata)
(Sizes 6 - 8)- 2 doz $65.00
BW5DS- Bloodworms (Glycera di Branchiata)
(Sizes 6 - 8)- 5 doz $84.50

BW10DS- Bloodworms (Glycera di Branchiata)
(Sizes 6 - 8")- 10 doz $156.00

States From Virginia To Florida ( We cannot ship these worms outside of the East Coast).   
2 Dozen Blood Worms $110.50
5 Dozen Blood Worms $130.00
10 Dozen Blood Worms $195.00