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Alabama Jumpers
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*Alabama Jumpers will be available again to ship in the Spring.  Our production has been closed and sealed off as we go through the Winter Season.  We appreciate your patience.
Alabama Jumpers are a worm that is indigenous to the southern U.S..  They will also grow in the northern parts of the U.S. also.  I know this because we have been growing them for years in New Jersey.

I also had quite a few escape a few years ago when I bought our initial breeding stock.  I am still finding them around the farm when I rake leaves.  I am still finding them in the sections of my lawn that have decaying vegetation and loamy soil. They love the loamy soil that is created when leaves decay.  They thrive in spots where our driveway meets the soil if decaying vegetation is present.  It gets cold here so I guess they can survive in cold areas pretty well. 

Alabama Jumpers are a great worm for fishing and also for composting leaves.  They love the moist area of loamy soil just below the surface.  If they area is covered with leaves they thrive.

Our beds are a mix of coir bedding, peat moss(which we try not to use because is it a non-renewable resource) and shredded maple leaves.  They seem to love Maple and Sycamore leaves.  We have tons of that here so we feed them what is available.

If you are going to raise them in a bin you must provide a lid because they will crawl off when it rains.  We use commercial size bins with a lip to stop them from crawling. 

If you are looking to enrich lawn soil then these are for you!  They will help enrich your lawn if you have organic material present that you can keep moist. 

Alabama Jumpers are known by the scientific name Pheretima Hawayanus.

We sell these by weight. You will receive a 1 pound culture of Alabama Jumpers. The culture will include 400-600 worms, the soil they are raised in and some castings and possibly eggs.  Shipping is Free!

1 Pound of Alabama Jumpers $94.50

4 Pounds of Alabama Jumpers  $324

Alambama Jumpers are worth the price if you are looking for an active bait worm or a great soil worm!