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African Nightcrawler Cocoons
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African Nightcrawler Cocoons! 

Hatch your own African Nightcrawlers.

African Night crawlers are one of my favorite Worms.  Why?  Because they are big and interesting.  The scientific name for African Nightcrawlers is Eudrillus Eugeniae.  

Worm farmers and gardeners alike will tell you that it takes some time for composting worms to acclimate to your compost bedding no matter how perfect it is. Baby worms acclimate better than breeders and newly hatched African Night crawlers from our cocoons will do even better because the home you provide will be their first home.  

We sell three different quantities of African Nightcrawler Cocoons:
800 count
1600 count
2400 count.

Remember that each cocoon can hatch out many worms.  I have found that an safe guess is 2 to 4 worms from each cocoon.  You will end up many more nightcrawlers if you provide a good environment for the African Nightcrawlers.

What do African Nightcrawlers need?

1.  Warmth.  They must be kept indoors in the winter.  If you can keep them at temps above 60 degrees you will have happy and healthy worms.  African Night crawlers are tropical worms so the warmer the better.  Please them outside in summer in bins and then bring inside in late summer.

2.  Keep out of rain.  The African Night crawler will crawl off if kept in the rain.  In summer you can place them outside as long as the bin has a cover or is in a covered area.

Why keep African Nightcrawlers if they need heat and crawl when it rains?

Well, the answer is that they grow very large.  8 inch worms is very possible.  I don't grow them for that reason though.

I love African Night crawlers because they create a large volume of castings.  Their large size and voracious appetite help create a ton of worm castings.  Those worm castings are like gold to organic gardeners.  

If you want large, active worms for fishing and large amounts of nutrient rich castings then try a bin of African Nightcrawlers.  You won't be sorry.

Please act fast as these are warm weather worms and we stop selling them when summer ends.