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    Every month we will choose the best idea for a product, service, special or submission to our site.  If you have an idea for a special, something we can do to offer better service or products, or a any submission of an idea, product, or set-up, just send it. We will evaluate each submission and we will choose a winner.  The winner will get 1000 free crickets, or mealworms, or a large culture of fruit flies, or 500 Red Worms, or a pH meter.  The winner can choose the prize from the above selection.  Send us original articles, reptile care information, ideas for specials or products that you would like to see.  You can also send in your set-up for rearing various insects and reptiles.  We will post all entries on our site or in our forum depending upon where they will fit best. We will also post any pictures you send in our forum. 

  Get your ideas flowing and win!!  The winner will be picked monthly.  If we do not have any current month submissions we will choose from prior submissions.  Please do not steal the work of others from other sites because you can get into trouble for that!

Send an email with your idea.  Put the words "Contest" in the subject heading.