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Fruit Flies



To raise your own flightless or wingless fruit flies requires little in the way of equipment.  Take a jar with a lid, and boil it to kill bacteria.   Make tiny holes in the lid so the culture will be able to breathe.  Take a cup of mashed potatoes, a tablespoon of sugar and a pinch of yeast.  Mix these ingredients, and then add water to the top of the dry mix.  Stir the mixture, and you have your cultures feed and bedding.  Now buy a vial of the fly you want to breed, and you will never need to buy fly again.

The mixture you made will be enough for a few cultures.   Try to use glass jars for the culture containers.  They are cleaner, and work better than plastic.  That's it!  Place your flies in the culture, and in a couple weeks you will have tons of maggots and flies.  Start each culture with 10-20 flies to ensure a large deposit of eggs in the substrate.  Good luck.