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Customer Testimonials


I would like to say that I received my mealworms today all live and active.

It was quick service. I would order from them again.  I will be ordering the large mealworms next.

Rebel Taylor
Lithia, Florida


I am so impressed with you loyalty to your customers rather than money. Thank you for the consideration of expense on the shipping. If you could I would like to hold off on shipping till cooler weather in Louisiana. I will be willing to wait for the worms in order to receive them from your company. thank you for all the effort in trying to get me live worms.  I will order all my worms from your company in the future regardless how this shipment works out.

sincerely sharla
monterey, Louisiana


I received my first order of crickets from, your company on 9/14/01 and the package was apparently damaged by UPS, left on my porch and most of the crickets escaped before I arrived home that day. The second shipment ordered 9/23/01 arrived in great shape. I am glad I found your company & plan to continue to purchase your crickets. The time, convenience, & $$ I save are GREAT! Thanks for the prompt delivery & quality crickets.





  I just want to thank you for excellent service. I have ordered crickets by 1000 two times now and have been pleased to receive them alive. The last time I ordered it came by ups, and they made a delivery attempt on a Friday. I was not home so the crickets stayed the weekend at the ups terminal. It was Tuesday before I could pick them up. I was sure they would be dehydrated and mostly dead. To my surprise I did not find one dead cricket. Thank you again.



I bought a start of your European Nightcrawlers a while back. Boy! They are the greatest fishing worm. Anyway, I wanted to tell you that although they were slow starting to breed, I now have a colony of worms that keep up with the amount of fishing we do. Thats a lot!

Thank you again for the shipment

Linda Worl



I've been a customer for i guess about 2 years now maybe more and I'm very satisfied. i recommend you

to others all the time. i breed leopard geckos and i have a few bearded dragons that i feed crickets to. i have to say

Thanks for the great service.



Dear Worm Mans  Worm Farm,

 I would just like to take this time to briefly tell you what a wonderful job your company has done to deliver me quality crickets in a timely fashion. The sturdy packaging that came with my order of 500 crickets, and the fact that there were 0% pest bugs in the shipment has made me a permanent customer. Keep up the good work and have a pleasant day. Thanks again. Sincerely,

Travis Chicago, IL


Received  your  worms, very  nice  quality   and  vagarious.  Thank you.

                                        Carol Mary Helen

Dear Ken,

    Just a thank-you for such an informative site.  We are a home schooling family who loves to garden. We have decided to begin worm composting and I have spent a good deal of time researching worms and how to keep them healthy and happy. I thought your site was just great, and have placed an order of red worms from you.  Thank you so much for making it easy for us to get started.  I really appreciate all the work you've put into your site - I do believe it is the best of its type on the web.


Maria Nicholas

I received all of my order from you and have been very
pleased! I have ordered
   from another company online and never heard from them. I
have tried contacting
   them to no avail! Conversely, you have kept us informed
along the way and we are
   grateful! We have also been very pleased with the
creatures we have received to
   date ( we are ordering more due to your proven
trustworthiness)! The things we
   have ordered so far are allowing my kids to learn about
running a business
   (small as it is) in our little town! Thank you so much!
Tamin Carlson

Got the crickets today thanks for the great service

                             Ron   woods

Speedy delivery of mighty fine meal worms. Thanks worm man!

Mike in Tennessee


My order arrived in good condition today. Thank you for you time. Bill



The worms arrived today, all fat and sassy. Thank you so much.

Randon Orde


You're absolutely welcome, wouldn't purchase this from anyone

else. :o)