Live Crickets, Healthy Crickets

If you need live crickets you have found the right farm. We have millions of happy chirping crickets for sale. Our crickets are slow raised to ensure that they are healthy for shipping to you. We also make sure that our crickets are fed a top notch cricket food so that the crickets are ready to feed to your reptile or pet Leopard Geckos, and many fish love our crickets.

Some F.A.Q.s:

What do Crickets Eat? Crickets eat cricket food. We sell it here. You can also feed them less balanced meals like corn meal or fish food.

How long do crickets live? Crickets live for about eight weeks. That means that once a cricket egg hatches it will die eight weeks later.

What else are live crickets good for? Are you kidding me? :0) They are great for bait. Try our crickets as live bait.

Are crickets the best reptile food? Yes. Crickets are the best. They have the right ratio of protein, which is important. You should dust or gutload to make sure the crickets have all the nutrients your reptiles need. We gut load ours prior to shipping but you will have to do it again if you hold your crickets for a prolonged period of time.

How long have you been in business? Many years. We've been on the internet for 10 years. We are one of the first cricket farms on the internet.

You can also learn how to breed crickets here by clicking on the link to your right. Check out our form for cricket news and for information about raising and breeding your own crickets. If you breed your own using our cricket breeding kit you may never have to buy crickets again. Breeding crickets is fun and rewarding. You can learn how to raise your own crickets at the link above. We are not afraid to show you how to raise cricket insects.

Want to hear cricket sounds? Click this link for chirping crickets.

Larger Quantities available at great prices. Just write here

Express orders must be in by Thursday 9am Eastern Standard to ship that same week. All orders placed after the Thursday 9am deadline will ship the following Monday. All orders must be in by 9AM Eastern to ship the same day. All orders after 9AM EST will ship out the next day.

What you see is what you pay! No hidden shipping fees, or fuel and handling surcharges! Buy crickets online and save.


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