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Live Superworms

What are superworms?  The scientific name is Zophobas Morio, and they are also known as King Worms.  Superworms are large mealworm type worms.  They have a hard exoskeleton.  Below is a picture of a superworm next to a mealworm.

  Click picture to blow up.

Superworms are used for feeding reptiles, birds, and for bait.  They take much longer to pupate than the mealworm.  Super worms do not require refrigeration, AND SHOULD NOT BE REFRIGERATED!  Refrigeration will kill the Superworm.  Reptiles love this worm.  

 The first video is a basic Super Worm care video which will explain what you do to keep feed your superworms and what they will eat and drink. 
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