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Lesser Wax Worms

Achroia grisella also known as the Lesser Wax Worm. These are smaller than the regular wax worm, but are heartier and easier to culture. Great for feeding to smaller reptiles, or for feeding smaller portions to larger reptiles. The moths and worms can be fed. Each culture comes with worms, moths and bedding in a culture cup that is their home. You do not have to transfer the worms or moths to another container just use them as you need them.

Each culture contains a few moths and many worms. You can keep the culture cycling for a long time if you also get the wax worm bedding we offer to feed them once the bedding in the culture is used. It will take a couple of cycles for the bedding to get used up. Add more bedding when the bedding in the container starts to look like little balls of dust.

This is a great addition to a varied diet for many reptiles.

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