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 Butterworms are great for fishing bait and for feeding reptiles.  Butterworms scientific name is Chilecomadia Moorei.  They are also known by the common names Trevo Worms, Sweet Worms, and Chilean Moth Larvae. Butterworms are found and havested in Chile and shipped to the US.  Butterworms are a nice way to add variety to the diet of reptiles. 


Breeding Butterworms in captivity has not been accomplished that we know.  We only know how to care for Butterworms.  Get a plastic shoe box and some table bran(which you can get here).  Place bran in the shoe box and place the worms in the box. Use Carrot, Sweet Potato or Yam for food. This type of food is used because it has low moisture levels and won't mold the bran. It is important not to let the bran get moldy or the butterworms will die. 


Keep the Butterworms at between 70 and 80 degrees.  Do not refrigerate for best results  Feed your butterworms every two to three days. The worms can be kept alive this way for a prolonged period if kept dry and fed. 



Will keep for months in a refrigerator.



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