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Live Worms Starter Packs
Are you looking to start worm farming at a really low cost and very small?  We have what you want. It is how I started my worm farm. I started by breeding a small number of worms so that I could manage the process in a small space.  You can grow your worms using our worm starter cultures in a closet, on top of a refrigerator or even under your bed.  

All of our starter cultures come with complete instructions including fun and innovative ways to grow and breed your worms so that your worm farm can grow as your knowledge and desire grows.

Some of our worm farm offerings:

  • Red Worms
  • Euroworms
  • African Night Crawlers
  • Micro Worms
  • Grindal Worms
  • Wax Worms
  • Superworms
  • Banana Worms
  • Walter Worms
  • Sow Bugs