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Bait Guide

Worm Man's Bait Guide
A guide that lists the best bait for catching the fish you want.  Links to products we carry are provided.
Great Barracuda- Plugs, spoons and Live Bait
Largemouth Bass- Artifical Lures and Live Bait
Speckled Peacock Bass- Plugs, spoons, streamers, popping bugs, Live Bait
Bluegill- Small Spinners and flies, live crickets, worms and grubs
Blue Catfish- Live Bait , prepared and cut bait
White Crappie- Live minnows and small jigs
Atlantic Croaker- Small minnows, bloodworms, sandworms and cut bait
Dolphin- live bait or large surface and deep plugs
Summer Flounder- live and preserved minnows, cut bait and small spoons and spinners
Longnose Gar- Any live bait that moves!!
Blue Marlin- Whole Live Bait and cut strip baits
Muskie- Big live suckers and minnows, huge spinner sna 12-inch long plugs
Yellow Perch- Any small Live Bait or prepared bait
Northern Pike- live minnows and flasy spiners, spoons, plugs
Snook- Live minnows, shrimp, crabs and artificial baits like jigs
Swordfish- Large trolled bairs or squid.  Live fish will work well too
Tarpon-Live mullet, crabs, and shrimp.  Plugs, spoons and jigs will also work
Lake Trout- Live minnows, spoons and plugs. 
Rainbow Trout- Flies of all kinds, spoons and live minnows.  Insects also work
Bluefin Tuna- Live bait fish
Walleye- Small minnows, leaches, jigs and spoons