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About Us

The Business My Garden Built.
We had rather humble beginings.  We started our worm farm with $110 worth of materials,  I bought red worms out of the back of a magazine many years ago.  Our garden soil was just awful. I wanted  to enrich it. I heard about worm castings.  I had farm animals.  We had plenty of manure from the farm animals and a good amount of organic food scraps left over from our kitchen.  I bought worms and built a small 2 foot by 4 foot worm bed with that $110.  After a few months i had so many worms that i made another bed out of scrap lumber.  A few months after that i had even more worms, and still had plenty of manure.  My garden seemed to take the castings as quickly as I could make them.  I did have too many worms. I didn't want to stop the flow by just going back to on bin, or slowing feeding.

I came in one night from my field and told my wife about all those worms and that I had to build another bin.  She said something that changed our lives.  She said "you bought them so maybe some else will want to buy your extra worms".  Simple thoughts often change lives forever.

I set out on a mission.  By now the internet was brand new.  I built a free site offered by AOL at the time. I did about $1200 in worms that first year.  Very modest start but I knew there was a business there. I bought the domain, that 2nd year and our worm business took off.  We have since added all kinds of worms, crickets and larvae to our farm.  We love it and we love our customers. 

We are still just a farm.  My garden is looking better than ever.

Ken Chiarella