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Vinegar Eels

Name: Vinegar Eels
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Vinegar Eels -  Great for Betta fry ,Corydoras fry,  Apistogramma fry,
Killifish fry, Gourami
.  Easy to culture and use.  Use any size container and take equal parts of apple cider vinegar and cold water.  Add slices of apple and pour the starter culture of Vinegar Eels that we'll send you.  You will soon have thousands of Eels ready for feeding.  Place a cloth over the container to keep flies out.

    Harvesting Vinegar Eels is easy also.  You will need a turkey or chicken baster and a coffee filter.   Place the filter over the original culture and take two to three basters filled with fluid and Eels and pour them through the filter.   Wait for a couple of minutes.  Remove the filter from over the culture and then run cool to cold tap water through the filter gently.  The Eels are now ready to feed your fry.  Turn the filter inside out into a bowl with a little water from your fish tank.  Pour the water and Eels in with your fry!  One culture is all you need once you get your Eels started.  Each culture has hundreds to thousands of Eels.

Buy a starter culture of Eels here.  Comes with instructions.  All prices include USPS Priority shipping.  If you need express please write here 

Our starter cultures come in a 3"X5" packet that is sealed to keep the Vinegar Eels healty during the trip to you.


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