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Phoenix Worms

Phoenix Worms
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Name: Phoenix Worms
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Phoenix Worms
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Phoenix Worms

Phoenix Worms
We are out of Phoenix Worms. Please try our private label equivalent called Soldier Grubs!
Phoenix Worms are a high-calcium soft bodied larvae of the Black Soldier Fly. They do not carry disease, and are so high in calcium that many reptile experts reccomend them over other soft bodied grubs. Our worms are raised in a clean environment, and they are raised on a fresh grain diet.

Phoenix worms do not require refrigeration, and can tolerate high temperatures. Reptiles, amphibians, arachnids and fish love this worm.

Phoenix worms come in extra-small, small, medium and large. Large is about 3/4 of an inch long, Medium is about 1/2 of an inch long, small is about 1/4 inch and extra-small is about 1/8" long.  Large phoenix worms can be used as bait.

Nutrional Analysis:

Analysis Crickets Mealworms Superworms Medium Phoenix Worms
Fat% 6.0 12.7 17.9 9.4
Protein 21.3 20.3 17.4 17.3
Calcium PPM 345 133 124 8155
Phosphorus PPM 4238 3345 2320 5355
Calcium: Phorus Ratio 0.08 0.04 0.05 1.52

* Independent lab analysis available upon request.

Our worms are packed in a non-food bedding, and do not require food. They are naturally packed with calcium and nutrients, so gut loading, feedings and special vitamins are not required. Phoenix worms have a long shelf life, should be kept in the cup the come in, and just kept out at room temperature. The only maintenence needed may be a couple drops of water from time to time! Free Shipping! Live arrival guaranteed!

1 Cup Extra-Small 150 Worms $10.95 Delivered

1 cup Small 150 Worms $10.95 Delivered!

1 cup Medium 100 Worms $10.95 Delivered!
 1 cup Large 100 Worms $10.95 Delivered!
(We apologize but LARGE Phoenix Worms are temporarily out of stock.) 

4 cups $24.95 Delivered!

8 Cups $39.95 Delivered!

12 Cups $58.00 Delivered!

We are out of Phoenix Worms so try Solider Grubs which are in stock

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