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Large Fruit Fly Cultures

Large Fruit Fly Cultures
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Name: Large Fruit Fly Cultures
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Grow Thousands of Flies with these cultures!!

Our Large Melanogastor and Hydei Fruit Fly Cultures have been created to give you a larger number of flies and medium as our smaller cultures. These are great if you need a large quantity of flies.  If you need only a few at a time then our smaller cultures will work better for you.

Each culture has Fruit Fly Media and mold inhibitor to make sure you get the most from your cultures. Melanogastor is a small fruit fly that CANNOT fly and Hydei cannot fly either, but they are a little larger. They are about the size of Pin Head Crickets. The medium we use is professional grade blue medium.

Keep at room temp. Cultures will breed best at between 75 to 80 degrees and will slow bredding at below 70 degrees. Our cultures are started cultures which means that you will find larvae and fruit flies in every culture. If the flies died enroute check to see if the larvae are still alive. They usually are and will produce more flies shortly.

Fruit flies are a staple diet for many small frogs and are great for feeding fish. Check out our information on the right for making more medium at home to keep your cultures going. ?You can also get mold inhibitor and other supplies right here for growing your own flies at home.

Each 24 OZ Culture is $16.95. Shipping is Free via USPS Priority Mail!!

1 Culture $16.95 Delivered!

 We currently have Melonogastor in stock. These are wingless and flightless.  

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