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California Black Worms

California Black Worms
Name: California Black Worms
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( Lumbriculus Variegatus, not Tubifex )
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There are many important reasons to choose Live Blackworms for your fish instead of frozen and machine prepared "fast" foods. Obviously, live foods are the truly perfect nutritional source for your tropical fish, but are you aware of some of these other reasons

  • Our Blackworms are small enough ( no larger then one inch long or the size of a pin) for all tropical fish to devour them.

  • The uneaten worms will not die and decay in your aquarium gravel bed and filtration system.

  • Our California Blackworms (BLACKWORMS ARE NOT TUBIFEX )are raised in controlled conditions and are free of parasites and pathogenic (disease causing) bacteria.

  • uses a high protein manufactured feed along with an advanced reproduction environment which allows our live food to compete with the basic flakes and frozen foods that are available.

  • Your fish will love devouring these live Blackworms. Thus, following nature's instincts, they will glow with emotional health.

  • And something we never forget here at, you always want to give your tropical fish the very best because.. they belong to you!

These rich, succulent Blackworms are teeming with nutrition. Your tropical fish will quickly show the vibrant glow of health that nature intended for them when you include live foods in their diet.
California Blackworms provide the most excellent source of protein, and are extremely useful as a conditioning food for breeding preparation.


Blackworm Care

You have selected one of the best tropical fish foods available. You will find that your fish will be healthier and maintain their true colors. Our California Blackworms are the perfect food for conditioning new tropical fish and breeding tropicals.

Upon the arrival of your Blackworms thoroughly rinse them with AGED PRE CHILLED WATER (40-50 degrees) until their run off water is clear and clean. When placing them in your live Blackworm keeper or other container make sure that your worms are no thicker then 1/2 inch. If they are thicker they may suffocate or try to escape from their container. Keep no more then 1/2 inch of water above them, and do not cover their container they need to be able to breath.

Keep your Blackworms in the refrigerator. They need to be kept between 40-55 degrees. Do not keep them in an aquarium, outside boxes, basements etc. Only in the refrigerator.

To keep your worms fresh they should be rinsed at least once a day. Use only AGED PRE CHILLED WATER when rinsing. Do not use aquarium water, or room temperature water. Only cold 40-50 degree water.

You do not have to feed your worms, they will live off their own body weight. However the longer they are kept they will lose weight. Weekly orders are suggested to insure freshness. Uneaten worms will not foul your aquarium, but do feed according to your fish and aquarium size.

Our California Blackworms ( THEY ARE NOT TUBIFEX) are farm raised in the best of conditions. They are not harvested from ditches, duck ponds, factory run offs, or hatchery ponds.At various times of the year different types of worms and flat worms might appear mixed with your Blackworms. These are not harmful to your fish.

Orders are shipped Monday Through Thursday?via DHL OR Fedex for next day arrival depending upon what would get to you fastest. All prices include delivery!

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