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Grain Weevils or Wheat Weevils
Grain Weevils( Sitophilus granarius), also called "Wheat Weevils" are very interesting creatures.  They have snouts and resemble Ant Eaters.  
Grain Weevils are raised on grain.  We raise our solely on wheat and we shit Grain Weevils in a wheat culture.
Grain Weevils lay 100 to 200 eggs in the wheat seed.  They lay one egg in each see.  Only one egg per seed and the female somehow knows which seeds have been impregnated.  The larvae spends its youth in the seed where it eats, plays and grows.  The adult emerges as a fully formed beetle.  It mates and the process begins again.  
Breeding Grain Weevils is easy.  The Wheat Weevil Beetle does not need anything to drink so a sealed continer with wheat berries or some other grain and a lid are all you need. 

You will need a lid because Wheat Weevils climb.  The population will double every month if you provide 75 to 80 degree temps and fresh seeds.
Important:   Grain Weevils(Sitophilus granarius) are regulated by the USDA.  You cannot throw the cultures in the garbage, give them away, sell them or release them.  That is illegal and can get you into trouble.   We are licensed by the USDA to sell Grain Weevils and we will send a copy of our permit and letter with every order.  We cannot ship to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico.
The culture you will receive is an established  12 Ounce Culture and will have the seeding date on the culture. The "seeding Date" is when we seeded the culture with newly hatched beetles.
Shipping is free via USPS Priority Mail.