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"Finished" Science Projects

Name: "Finished" Science Projects
Your Price:

So Little Jimmy told you he has a science project due next week?

Or maybe he waited until the last minute and needs a quick fix!

Wormman's Worm Farm is your solution! We are selling "finished" science projects that will make your stress disappear! All of our projects come with information guides and pictures to craft a presentation quickly and the successful finished results of a project that looks like it should've taken weeks of hard work and research to prepare! Very little assembly is required and they are good to go right out of the box! They are sure to please and will earn Little Jimmy an A+ until the next project rolls around. You just wait until he hits college!

Project Types:

Here is the Run Down

1) Composting With Worms: Composting with worms comes with 250 Red Compost Worms, a shoe box sized clear plastic bin, worm bedding and some worm castings. The worm castings are the worm poop. The worms eat the compost and then create castings. Just assemble the bin, throw some old eggshells in there, put the worm castings in a small plastic cup and read off the information sheet we give which includes pictures of the vermi composting process. Nice and easy!

2) Worms Eat Plastic: Mealworms can eat styrofoam. This "finished" kit comes with 100 mealworms, some eaten styrofoam and mealworm frass which is equivalent to worm castings. Mealworms eat styrofoam and create frass which is another organic fertilizer. They are shipped in a clear cup. Plop the cup with the worms and styrofoam on the table, show everyone the container of mealworm frass and read off of our information sheet. 

3) Breeding Compost Worms: This one is pretty easy. We will send you three small bait cups. One will have worm eggs in it, one will have baby worms, and one will have larger adult worms. Set up the three cups, read our information sheet on the life cycle of a red worm and you are good to go!

4) What Do Worms Eat?: This experiment looks like it took weeks! We will send you one cup of red worms. You can divide them into two cups (wear gloves please) and set up their food habitats. We will provide a piece of old vegetable which the worms love and will be all over. All you have to do is throw in a piece of bread in the other cup. The worms hate bread. We include a flyer which explains why worms hate bread and love organic matter. Trust me, the vegetable we include will be crawling with the little guys. We will even add a nice little chart so you can record when you fed them and how quickly they consumed the food. 

5) Compost Worm Competition: This one is also pretty easy. We will ship you two cups of about 50 worms each. One will contain red worms and the other with contain European Nightcrawlers. Europeans are better at eating compost but who cares! You have a presentation to make. So we will put worm castings in with the Europeans to make it look like they ate tons more than the red worms. The Red Worms can be covered in lettuce to make it look like they are unproductive. Of course we will include our information about the worms, their habitats and their preferred food sources and some pictures to add to your presentation. Its all about simplicity! Oh, and don't forget the chart so you can "track" how much they ate!

6) Compost Tea Project: We can send you plain worm castings which are listed under the main Educational Projects category and you can make the compost tea yourself. OR we can send you the compost tea and the depleted worm castings we used to make it. We will include an information sheet explaining the nutritional value of worm castings and the process you went through to make the worm castings...because you did it...of course you did!
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