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Wax Worms

We have the best Wax Worms, bar none!!!  We'll stand behind them 100%

Our wax worms are plump and disease free.

   Place wax worms in the door of our refrigerator, or a cool basement if you plan to keep them for a while.  The shelf of the refrigerator is too cold, which is why we say to keep them in the door which is usually a little warmer.

   If you keep your wax worms at room temp they will pupate and then become moths.  Some reptiles love the moths, so you may want to try that.  To breed your wax worms just place moths in a container with some Worm Man Wax Worm Bedding, and place some crumbled pieces of wax paper in the bedding.  The moths will lay eggs on the wax paper, and in a couple days you will have baby wax worms.  Add more bedding as needed and your wax worms will get nice and plump.  The warmer you keep them the more active they will become, and the faster they will grow.


Wax worms go through four stages: egg, larvae, pupa, and adult. At 85 degrees it will take the worm 5 to 6 weeks to go from larva to adult.  


Keeping and breeding wax worms

1.Best way to start raising wax worms is to buy some.  You can get them here.
2.Prepare an escape proof container for them ie 3 to 5 gallon tank with screened lid
(tape it on later).
3.You will also need a substrate- get some bran and honey- mix it together dry.  If you can get some bees wax grate it into the mixture. Crumble the mixture into the tank.        You can also buy the bedding above.
The mix may still be a little sticky.
4.Put the wax worms in the container with the bedding.
5.Add a few crumpled balls of wax paper as well.
6.Keep the wax worms at room temp. eventually the waxworms will begin to spin
cocoons. They will remain in their cocoons for approx two weeks- then moths will
7.The moths will mate and live for about a week or so- they will lay their eggs in the wax
8.A couple of weeks after the moths have died you will see lots of tiny worms. They
grow fast if they are kept at room temp- so once they are half grown you may want to
store them in the fridge in a container with small air holes and some of the honey and
bran mix. If you leave them at room temp the cycle will begin again. :)
9.You must secure the top.  The worms hatch small and will escape.

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